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Teshua Farms RV Rentals makes your family trip or event special

Located just minutes from Birmingham, Teshua Farms is a small 45 acre organic vegetable farm that operates a weekly farmers market during the selling season.  A camper added to the farm on AirBNB in 2018 quickly gave rise to our camper rental program spurred on by the Pandemic of 2020 and people's desire to get outdoors but remain in a safe environment. 

Teshua Farms now features a fleet of RV Campers available  through our popular rental program.  With delivery to many of the state parks, sports complexes, lakes and special venues in the Birmingham/Huntsville/Montgomery area, our rentals make camping fun and easy.  Whether it's a week-long vacation, a weekend at the state park,  a local wedding, or family coming in for a long holiday weekend, our family and pet friendly rentals can provide the perfect space you need to make your camping trip fun and easy.